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 Dr. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

The Life and Writings of Dr. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa
author of The Third Eye and other spirual knowledge books

   The life and works of Lobsang Rampa

The books of Dr. Lobsang Rampa have introduced many thousands of people in the west to buddhist teachings and spiritual and metaphysical knowledge. Dr. Rampa was amongst the first eastern teachers to make this knowledge accessible to westerners in an easily understandable and enjoyable format and a forerunner of today's buddhist teachers such as Sogyal Rinpoche and Ringu Tulku. Dr. Rampa was a prolific author - his first book "The Third Eye" published in 1955, was followed by 23 more, and he continued to write until shortly before his death in Canada in 1981.

Why not read one and investigate Dr. Rampa'a writings for yourself? This page gives an outline of the content of many of the Rampa books and gives extracts to get a flavour of the books.

Selection of books by Dr. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - free downloads:
Click to view online in a separate window, or right-click and choose "save target as" to download to your computer. The files are in Word format and are between 600k and 1.1Mb in size.

The above books tell the story of Dr. Rampa's life, the following books expand on buddhist teachings and spiritual and esoteric knowledge.....

Hear Dr. Rampa's books read to you! Enjoy listening to the books read to you in a pleasant female voice. The books are available on a single CD in MP3 format and can be played in your home or car music system or on your computer.

All audiobook title by T Lobsang Rampa are available to purchase for $9.99 plus p&p charge at cost. The CDs play in your computer, car CD player or home music system.

Please click here for a full list of the audiobook titles available, you can order via PayPal or other method. Read a review of this audio book.

You can also purchase the full collection of 24 of Dr. Lobsang Rampa's books on one CD. The CD also includes the free Natural Reader software to hear the books read to you if you choose, and 3 bonus audio files, consisting of 2 lessons recorded by Dr. Rampa, offering advise about how to meditate and how to pray, and also Dr. Rampa stating the truth of his authenticity as a Tibetan Lama and medical Doctor.

The full list of books by Dr. Lobsang Rampa on this CD is:
  • 1.
  • #1. As It Was #2. Autumn Lady #3. Beyond The Tenth #4. Candlelight #5. Cave of the Ancients #6. Chapters of Life #7. Doctor From Lhasa #8. Feeding The Flame #9. Flor Silvestre #10. The Hermit #11. I Believe #12. Living With The Lama #13. My Visit To Venus #14. Pussywillow #15. Rampa Story #16. Saffron #17. Third Eye #18. Thirteenth Candle #19. Three Lives #20. Tibetan Sage #21. Tigerlilly #22. Twilight #23. Wisdom of the Ancients #24. You Forever.

  • 2.
  • *** Bonus of 3 Audio tracks of Actual voice of Dr. Lobsang Rampa teaching about Prayer and Meditation.

  • 3.
  • Natural Reader software which will read the books aloud to you.
    The Lobsang Rampa CD is available exclusively from Books Light The Heart and the price is $14.95 plus p&p.

    Selection of Lobsang Rampa websites:
  • Lobsang Rampa information and downloads Interesting pictograms showing the relationship of overself and soul to physical body, also book extracts and UFO information.

  • Lobsang Rampa information by Daniel Harris, who knew the Rampa family.

  • View the Lobsang Rampa photo album, also by Dan Harris.
  • It has been thought in some circles that Lobsang Rampa was a fraud, and that he was an English plumber by the name of Cyril Hoskins who made up the information in the books. However, any-one who has read Dr. Rampa's books would have difficulty saying where else could the teachings and metaphysical information have come from except from experience during this and previous lives. In this case truth is stranger than fiction, as Hoskins willingly let Dr. Rampa take over his body so that Dr. Rampa could continue his writing.

    Some of our Yahoo group members have kept letters written to them by Dr. Rampa from the time he lived in Calgary in Canada towards the end of his life. His concern for humanity and his wry humour shine from these letters, in which he gives his advice and support freely, at a time when he was himself very infirm - these are surely not the actions of a fraud.

    Why not read some of Lobsang Rampa's works and decide for yourself? You can purchase his entire collection of 24 books on CD in Word format plus audio of Dr. Rampa's teachings, please enquire to Amber. A selection of his books is available for download from this website (see above), and the entire book catalogue is available from Amazon and EBay, many at small cost.

    We have an extensive listing of links about Dr. Rampa's books on our spiritual links page, including many places to buy the books online and articles about his life and works.

    We have a lively e-mail discussion group on Yahoo, where our members discuss all manner of spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical matters and experiences, as well as sharing some humour and light hearted banter! We are working and learning together, as we journey along our spiritual paths. If you would like to subscribe, please visit our Lobsang Rampa Mail Group. We welcome new members. Please also sign our GuestMap by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

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