Review of audio book of
The Third Eye
by T. Lobsang Rampa

The first thing I noticed was the quality. Amber has spread the book over several CDs. My car CD player is ultra sensitive to skipping on poor quality CDs and so far itís been flawless.

The book is read entirely by an electronic voice. This is much like getting used to an accent. Once youíve listened to it for a bit, you stop listening to the sound and you start to hear the words. Amber has gotten the pitch and speed just right. The book is read not too fast, not too slow. Itís also very understandable. There is the odd word here and there which you might need to replay if you missed it, but itís amazingly well pronounced and clear.

The book itself is so engrossing that you soon forget youíre listening to a electronic voice and are soon taken away into the world of Lhasa. If Rampa made this up, then he must have quite an extra-ordinary imagination. (But Iím not reviewing the actual book here.)

Iíd give it a 8 out 10 and feel that anyone who canít read the book, or just likes to listen to it while driving around would truly enjoy it.

Well done Amber.
Thanks, Gary.

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